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Curvy Blog: Society Needs Full-Figured Role Models Too.

It’s hard to grow up without a role model. It’s even harder to grow up being plus-sized without anyone telling you that you’re beautiful, and that everything’s going to be okay. When I was younger, I had the crappiest self-esteem. Even now that I’m in my 20s, there are still days that I can’t trust and love myself completely. Then I see curvy women on the internet, they seem so content and happy, they seem to have fully embraced their size. Everyday, I tell myself that if they can come to accept their bodies, I know I will too.

Two years ago, I came across Danah and Stacy’s blog (The Plump Pinay) and they have been sort of my rock whenever I would hate myself for being fat. I remember emailing them and ranting about a family friend who made an offensive comment about me (dunno if they still remember). It took a while before I got a reply, but they did. Someone actually took the time to read my rant, and find some words to make me feel better. I can’t remember if it was Danah or Stacy but someone whom I actually wasn’t related to comforted me even if it was just over the internet. 

Two years since that day, I promised myself, that I too will strive to make a difference for all the full-figured women and men out there. And that in my own little way, I’ll help spread positivity and love. And here it is — this blog.

We, Curvy Filipinas should stop hiding behind old and frumpy clothing. Black isn’t the only color choice for us. Let’s celebrate our bodies, and make a stand. No one should ever be judged based on their size. You can only judge them on how big their hearts are. ;)

As I write this post, I’ve realized one very important thing, "Curvy gals should stick with each other not just to console one another, but more importantly, to stand as role models for the younger generations. We should create a world where our children will learn to love regardless of one’s size, color, gender, or race." Society needs full-figured role models so that they can learn how much love we can carry in our extremely plump hearts.

You, who is your role model? Let me know. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Welcome Curvy gals, this is your source for the latest Philippine plus size news.

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